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Asher Player

the Tumults of War Will Subside:

Release Year: 2005
Label: Vertical Artists

Tracked/Mixed: Papa Joe's Studio in Redlands, CA

Produced: Joe Marchiano & Tyler Chester

Artwork: Vertical Soul
Photography: Casey Curry
After a long break from recording and performing, Asher enters the new year of 2005 with their second release and first first full length album.


 'Justice delayed is justice denied'
         [ Martin Luther King ]

The story behind the picture.
Around the time we were finishing up the album, we were having a really tough time coming up with the concept for the artwork.  As with any good album art, you want to complement the music, but this time around it was hard, we just couldn't put our finger on it.  Just before that time we were introduced to this radical group of believers [Bound4Life] who had begun targeting the government in prayer to bring justice to the 40+ million of unborn lives who have been aborted in this country.  They hold prayer protests all over the country on the steps of judicial courts and capital buildings, even the Supreme Court!  Anyway, we were deeply moved by this, so we dedicated the album to their cause and have joined them in our prayers.


07: I Need A Smile
08: Can't Get Enough
09: Steal My Heart
10: Heaven's Melody
11: Subside
Follow you down that road
Down those streets of old
Waiting for the fire
Longing for the gold
Sing myself a lullaby
You can work it out
Destiny is in your hands
Way beyond my dreams
Iíll I found was laid beside your feet
Iíll I found intended just for me
I cried myself to sleep donít weep
I just found out your tears have set me free
Walking down the street
Hey man, can we meet
Do you remember when
We used to meet
Just you and me
This will be my last goodbye
Gone without a doubt
My expectation, motivation
Moving me in, moving me out

THE RAIN  [song List]
The world has overwhelmed
The God in you and me
Forgive me Father, for Iíve sinned
When will I put all my dreams behind me
Hold on to something that is real
Iím holding on to you
The flood came from over ground
The rain came and washed me down
Find myself walking desert lands
In search of waterís hard to find down here
The dream ends calmly as a dream could end
But Oh, I want the rain
The rain

THE LIGHT  [song list]
I walked out into the light too slow
I tried my best to fight, you know
You can do it son, Iím sure, stand tall
Hold on to my hand, you wonít fall
And the light that inside
Is with me now all the time
In completed symphony
Before you brought it back to me
You want it, if you feel it, you need it, let the feeling grow
I walked out into the daylight a little too quickly
I tried my best to fight, you know
You can do it son, Iím sure, stand tall
Oh Lord, Iím believing in you, I wonít fall
If I could write a line to save a life
Donít be mistaken
If I could write a line to change a life
Donít be mistaken
Your love has awoken my soul

THE GRACIOUS ONE  [song list]
I came to you just because you'd take me
I found the truth with you every time
I walk the line, with you I walked the line
My self abuse, wasnít even mine
I love to sing just because you listen
The change you bring is different every time
I walk the line, with you I walk the line
Your hands they held me, never let me down
My self in you, water into wine
Holding on to you
The sensitive one it seems is me
The gracious one it seems is you
I canít survive

JANUARY  [song list]
I want to breathe
I want to see
I want to know everything there is to know about you and the gentle way youíre changing me
I want to dance
I want to sing
I want to bring a little bit of everything to a sick and dying world Ďcuz I believe
I remember when we first did meet
Summerís day in January
Eighteen years went up in crying
You stood there in your silver lining
Iím enlightened
Somewhat frightened by your beauty
God it changed me
And the rain came down

This world is overrated
Iím here to say
That I would not have made it another day
This life, when tomorrow might not come
I just might have gone away
God, do me a favor, donít leave
Iím getting acquainted with Thee
Get up and smell the roses
Go out and seize the day
Dance upon injustice
Heaven is on its way
Friends, I really urge you
As strangers of this world
To stay away from darkness
Which wars against your soul
Live well among your neighbors
Though they might cast you down
They just might meet their maker
One day when Heís around

I NEED A SMILE  [song list]
Before you go would you glance back at me
I need a smile
Itís worth the while
Iím in a glitch, in a tangled opera
If anybody asks me, Iím about my Fatherís business
Heís talking, I am listening, to what he has to say
Poor man go, let your pity carry you to no where
Your heart is a dry and weary, selfish centered hole
If anybody asked you, youíd turn your head and just say no
You wouldnít know love if it hit you
Do you know that God is love

CAN'T GET ENOUGH  [song list]
Present tense
Reason in the dissonance
Operator, hear my plea
I canít get through
Static haze, buffering the radio waves
Thereís darkness across the TV screen
I canít hear you
Breath on me
Eviscerate the darkness
Illuminate the human tendency
I am bleeding
This distance breaks my heart
Iíve traveled far too long not to be close enough to you
Jesus please
Stone beneath my crooked knees
Candles light the ancient wings
Of this sepulcher
Squeeze your chains
Spew my hate across your face
Flash it for the human race
Get out of my face
Who is this I have found weeping
This day will pass, the world will fade away
Come away, come away, my love

STEAL MY HEART  [song list]
Steal my heart
I belong to you
Steal my heart
Your grace will see my through
Savior, wonít you steal my heart away
Steal my heart
When the daylight meets the dawn
I will surely say
Father, leave me not now
Iím longing for release upon your fields of praise
Glory in the highest praise
To you be all the honor
You pour out your hand, God
What can I do but fall on my knees
And worship your name
Longing for a glimpse of you
Waiting for a touch of you

HEAVEN'S MELODY  [song list]
You saved me just in time
Embrace me, held me tight
Come steal my heart
All has faded but your love
I canít escape Heavenís perfect melodies
Itís you, only you
The simple words you say take my breath away
Leads me to a brighter day
The simple song I sing has become my offering of praise

SUBSIDE  [song list]
I will make the great symphony
I will sing out your melody
I sit beneath a sky of angels
Burn all pride from inside of me
Take it all far away from me

{ © 2005 Vertical Artist Productions }