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California EP:

Release Year: 2001
Label: Vertical Artists

Tracked/Mixed: Donovan Stark in Riverside, CA
Produced: Donovan Stark & Asher

Artwork: Vertical Soul
Photography: Chris Kivett
After a year of leading worship together and a month after their first song writing rehearsal, the new band called 'Asher' records it's debut CD.

07: Sunday Afternoon
08: My One Desire
09: Tomorrow

LOSE MYSELF  [song List]
I'll bare my soul, naked
This is your song, sacred
I see in full, what I saw in part
I'll lay it down, give it all away
If I lose myself in you, lay it down to follow through
Guess I found a life that's not my own
If I give it all away, then I know your home to stay
Guess I found a life that's not my own, not my own
As time stands still, waiting
I can hear you call, your ushering me in
For me to come, up to your throne
Not bearing down, give it all away
Found you there, just where you left me
You remain the same, it was me who changed
Ain't if funny how we change

CALIFORNIA  [song List]
You blew me away, it's okay
This is what I say, you can blow me away
Hear I am Lord, take me
Even though I fall
You amaze me, come and break me God
Hear the master call
California, still playing the game
Going down the wrong way, schizophrenic insane
You will hear me say, you can take me away
To a better place, I want to do it the right way
Into your throne, I will remain
With everything, with all I am
And I will praise you in this place
I will praise you in this place

HAPPY  [song list]
Don't be blue, I'll stay right here, with you
Til the colors have changed, I'll sing, sing a song up to Heaven, to you
There are so many words, but they're falling like I'm falling, for you
Oh no, I won't move from here
Cuz I'm happy just to be myself again, it's true
Everything I said to you, is true
All I do, is gaze upon your face
And I've come to see, come to realize there's nothing in my life I praise
But the treasure that I have, that I found, in you

Sunday afternoon, I'm going do something else
out of the ordinary
Look over your shoulder, try to make some sense
of the days gone by
I don't see anything at all, we all need some time to change
If you fly away, won't you take me with you, please I want to
Stay awhile, make you smile, won't you whisper in my ear
When the evening comes, break away
and find the quiet place
And I won't move, I won't breath til you reveal
The secrets of your heart that I desire
we all need some time to change
In the sweetness of your presence, let this glory come down
And the beauty of your face, I am overwhelmed
I need more of you
And the beauty of your presence
I will fall on my knees oh God
Take me away as I dream of you
I am here to stay on my bended knee
And I will pray for more of you

MY ONE DESIRE  [song list]
These words you say
things you've done have blessed my heart
And all the things you've shown me
the day you tore my world apart
Was the beginning of it all, lay my life before you Lord, I do
The one thing I desire is to rest inside of you
resting here with you
Won't you fall like gentle rain
on these hearts that love your name
In the stillness you will come upon me
As time goes by, I see that you remain the same
Falling deep in love with you, this is what I'll do
So I'll bow down on my knee, give it all to you
You will come upon, you will come upon us
Time and time again I see you in my dreams
There you go again calling out to me
There is a better love coming from above
I lift my hands and cannot get enough

TOMORROW  [song list]
Today is a brighter day
Come take me away to a brighter day
Tomorrow will be the same
One million times in my life I see your grace
One million times in my life I see your face
Until that day I'm going to lift up your name
Until that day I'm going to praise
Waiting on tomorrow


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